Creators should benefit the most in the Metaverse

NFT production company Straight Fire has launched its global platform to shape NFT 2.0 ecosystem, where professional creatives, entertainment, fashion and luxury goods companies, cultural institutions and art world are invited to explore new opportunities and experience in the Metaverse.

“Let’s all make sure that the creators benefit the most in the Metaverse!”

The One Club for Creativity’s Creative Week

Although several tech companies worldwide have been envisioning and building their own versions, the Metaverse is still in an early phase. In the past few years, many projects were started to upgrade blockchain infrastructure and DeFi ecosystems. In parallel, companies started to build more and more applications to show the massive upside of using blockchain and smart contracts. NFTs turned out to be the most prominent and promising opportunity during the second half of 2020, attracting new users into the Metaverse. And with new applications and users came new challenges and opportunities.

“Although we are convinced that digital assets are the single biggest opportunity in the Metaverse, most of today’s NFTs lack provenance, have limited utility and are often produced by amateurs, and therefore have little value, ”says Christiaan Eisberg, CEO and co-founder of Straight Fire, “this means that the NFT ecosystem needs an upgrade, or otherwise the market is doomed. And we are not alone in thinking this. The media, general public and even blockchain investors have been highly critical of the existing NFT ecosystem. But fret not: Straight Fire is here to create the future of NFTs. ”

Straight Fire’s NFT 2.0 ecosystem includes new NFT categories, a marketplace where NFTs are bought not just to trade, but also to collect, use and keep, and a unique NFT showcase tool that enables creators and buyers alike to display their NFT collections in a personalized, virtual environment that is accessible to invitees.

Christiaan continued: “Many of the current NFT buyers are speculative traders, which makes sense, because most of the available NFTs have been developed for trading. But we believe that NFTs with real value and new applications will appeal more to collectors than to traders.”

Straight Fire has been invited to share its vision at Advertising Week Europe, Global NFT Digital IP & Assets Summit and The One Club for Creativity’s Creative Week. “Let’s all make sure that the creators benefit the most in the Metaverse!” A mission shared by Straight Fire’s international team and will certainly be echoed by creatives worldwide.

Advertising Week Europe

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