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Jul 27, 2021

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Straight Fire NFT PLAYER

Even evolution requires at times a revolution. A vision, a game changer.

Enter the Straight Fire NFT Player.

Straight Fire NFT Player

Straight Fire creates the first NFT player that adds both utility and provenance to existing and future NFTs. Irrespective of what blockchain your NFT was minted on, you can now view it in one, easy to use NFT Player. It even allows you to share NFTs on your favourite social media channels and list it for sale on your preferred marketplaces. After all, NFTs should not just be stored in your digital wallet. They should be shared and enjoyed by the world.

And above all, the leading NFT Player should be easy to use. Find out how easy!

Easy to Access

- First available on setup your account, link your digital wallet and start using the NFT Player
- Followed by our mobile app, offering the Straight Fire experience on your mobile in English, Chinese, Spanish and Arabic
- Then also as a web browser plug-in, which offers a simple and secure way to turn your browser into a Web3 enabled NFT Player
- And, also on your desktop, Smart TV, Console, VR

Easy to Connect

- Connect your favourite digital wallet to the Straight Fire NFT Player
- Receive a free SFIRE Original
- Access your existing NFT collections
- Irrespective of the file-format or what blockchain they were minted on

Easy to Share

- Create personalised posts, make a screenshot or short-video, add music or yourself
- Share on your favourite social media channels
- To your friends or potential buyers
- Control what NFTs you want to share and how others see them

Easy to Interact

- Display your NFT collections in a personalised environment
- Keep them private, open them up to invitees or for everyone to see
- Connect your physical and virtual world through AR-driven interactive, empathic and immersive design
- Build your own NFT community with like-minded NFT enthusiasts

Easy to Trade

- Stay in full control of the sales process
- Promote on social media, attract buyers, give them access and sell your NFTs
- Browse the in-player marketplace and buy the most unique NFT collections
- Use the Straight Fire NFT Player to elucidate the true value of your NFTs

Now join us, in changing the future of NFTs and make them accessible for all.

Straight Fire team
Explorers of the Metaverse

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