NFT Social dApp connects Web2 and Web3

3 min readJul 1, 2022

How StraightFire fits in and stands out


We are building the world’s first NFT Social dApp for creating and sharing NFT Stories on your socials. We give your NFTs a stage to shine on, so you can promote them, make them stand out from the crowd and find new buyers.

How do we do this? By connecting the Web2 and Web3 world.

I guess, StraightFire sits firmly in the middle, occupying the Web2.5 space.

So, what does that really mean? Let me answer this by describing the main actors we are connected to.

Digital Wallets
Digital wallets are the gatekeepers to owning crypto and NFTs. Besides keeping your digital assets safe and some DeFi functionality, they do not provide a firm connection to social platforms. This is about to change through StraightFire. We offer our users to connect more than 100 different digital wallets, enabling them to view NFTs from 70+ different blockchains in one place.

Web2 Socials
Up until a few years ago, they were just called socials. Now let’s call them Web2 socials. Why? I will get to that.

NFT creators, projects and owners are using the likes of Twitter and Instagram more and more to show their NFTs. And the Web2 socials have noticed this too and have started to move more towards the Web3 space. Slowly, but certainly. After all, they already have the userbase. If they can ever adjust their business-model to match a more decentralised market that is supported by token-based rewarding remains a big question.

NFT Marketplaces
I see NFT marketplaces as the Web3 equivalent of Amazon. Whereas Amazon has also integrated a full-service marketing offer, the likes of Opensea and SuperRare have not yet. This begs the question: how will everyone who has an NFT for sale on an NFT marketplace attract buyers?

Through the NFT stories that you create in the StraighFire dApp and share on your socials, you can add a link to the marketplace where your NFT is for sale and attract (potential new) buyers.

Web3 Socials
The first Web3 social platforms are mostly Web2 social copycats. The main challenge that they face is to grow a substantial user base. The User Acquisition Costs are simply too high at this moment, since they are in direct competition with giants such as Twitter and Youtube.

So, where is StraightFire positioned in all this?

With a firm integration into all major digital wallets, we are connecting all NFT marketplaces with Web2 socials, with the opportunity to scale into a Web3 social destination. As such, we are the perfect partner for NFT marketplaces to direct traffic from Web2 socials. We also are the perfect partner and acquisition target for Web2 socials to make a substantial move into the NFT market.

Obviously, I am biased, but I would say that occupying the Web2.5 space is a good to place to grow our community and let’s see what the future brings.

We are StraightFire and let us be straight forward. We bring your NFTs alive, help you promote them to the masses, attract new buyers, and even reward you for sharing. So, download the dApp, open your account and start earning.

About StraightFire
StraightFire is the world’s first NFT Social dApp for creating and sharing NFT Stories on your socials. We give your NFTs a stage to shine on, so you can promote them, make them stand out from the crown and find new buyers. Simply choose a 3D stage, select your NFTs, add some kick-ass music, include a link to your marketplace, and with on push of the button send it to all your socials. In other words: We bring your NFTs alive.

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