NFT Social dApp Straight Fire Completes Seed Round

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(Amsterdam, 18 November 2021) NFT social dApp Straight Fire has completed its seed round. With support from Polygon and ChainLink, Straight Fire is excited to announce that Shima Capital, MEXC, WeBlock, GSR, LucidBlue Ventures and ZBS Capital are on board to jointly shape the future of NFTs.

Straight Fire

Straight Fire is building an essential part of the NFT infrastructure: the first NFT Player that adds utility and provenance to your NFTs and elucidates the true value of your NFT collections.

The NFT social dApp enables creators, collectors, and NFT enthusiasts to view and manage all their NFTs in one place, share and promote their NFT Stories on social media, experience them in real life through AR, and sell NFTs on all major marketplaces.

Christiaan Eisberg, Co-Founder and CEO of Straight Fire, says the funding will support the highly anticipated launch of the Straight Fire NFT Player. “I am especially thrilled that we have the confidence and support of a broad group of industry leaders, ranging from VCs and marketing companies to infrastructure leaders and influencers, as well as an exchange and market-making leader.”

“Our Beta release will help creators, collectors and brands to tell their NFT stories on all major social media channels.”

Like Snapchat and TikTok, Straight Fire has developed exciting filters that help their users tell and promote NFT collections to the world, in a way that is currently not possible.

“We believe that NFTs should not just sit in your digital wallet, but instead should be shared and enjoyed by the world. With our NFT Player, we enable our users to share NFT stories and in a way show their personal billboard and broadcast who they are.”

In the meantime, Straight Fire has already filled fifty percent of their next investment round and has signed various partnerships that will be announced shortly.

About Straight Fire
Straight Fire is an NFT social dApp.
We help creators, collectors and brands tell their NFT stories to the world.To learn more about Straight Fire, visit

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StraightFire is the world’s first NFT Social dApp for creating and sharing NFT Stories on your socials.