Straight Fire NFT Studio is releasing the first original NFT collection: THEXII

THEXII is an artistic experiment through digital technology.

Using the 12 zodiac signs in traditional Chinese culture as a source of inspiration, it combines photography, 3D production, AR and other digital techniques to create a universe and explore the connection between Humanity, Culture and Technology
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Straight Fire NFT Studio
In our NFT Studio, we obtain and develop the most original IPs and licenses into never-before-seen NFT collections. Together with our network of creators, we produce our SFIRE Originals, the most sought-after and unique NFTs in the Metaverse. We develop new NFT categories and create interactive, immersive experiences and go beyond the boundaries of today’s NFTs.


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Straight Fire is a Web3 start-up bridging the real world with the Metaverse, through building the first NFT Social dApp and unique NFT collections.