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Jul 8, 2021

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Our North Star

Our North Star Straight Fire

In life, everyone needs a goal, an objective, a little dot at the horizon to move towards. Something that makes you jump out of bed in the morning filled with energy and purpose. Organisations are no different. They need a direction, a vision, or as we like to call it ‘a North Star’.

Every morning the Straight Fire team wakes up and gets to work with one single purpose: to build the future of digital assets, which effectively means:

“ An ecosystem where NFTs can be created, owned, shared and enjoyed by everyone. An environment where the value of digital assets, like assets in the physical world, depends on scarcity, utility, provenance and the human emotional responses they generate. Some of us will want to buy, collect and trade digital assets that increase in value over time, whereas others will simply want to own, use and enjoy them.”

Our North Star not only gives the team a clear purpose. It also enables our investors and partners to envision our company’s future growth and it clearly states what sets us apart from our competitors. If you are, like us, working on the future of NFTs, I would love to learn more about your North Star. So, don’t be shy and share your thoughts.

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