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NFTs are perhaps the most popular consumer application on the blockchain right now, with dozens released each week. This upwards trend in popularity has no signs of slowing down, but how do you share your NFTs with your friends and family, instead of just storing them in a wallet, waiting to trade?

To know that, let us first look at what NFTs actually are, and what they do.

NFTs, or non-fungible tokens, are digital tokens that can only be used for a certain pre-determined purpose. For example, most cryptocurrencies are fungible, meaning that they can be used as a currency and can be freely exchanged for other currencies. NFTs can serve in certain ways; they act as perks or items in a video game or can be used to access NFT drops while giving you perks both online and offline. They cannot be freely exchanged for other currencies. NFTs are a relatively old concept, only having gained popularity in 2021.

NFTs have multiple dimensions to them, often acting as more than just the stores of value most people see them as. Though their financial value is in their scarcity as unique items, their utility is what gives them their practical value. The NFT’s artist is a big contributor to value too; big names like Beeple can sell their NFTs for millions of dollars while newcomers will often struggle to breach the three-digit mark. Taking all these factors into consideration, it is safe to say that owning an NFT is not just a financial investment, but an emotional affair for artists, collectors, and traders.

As we can see, NFTs are quite possibly the future of the blockchain. But before they take over, they need to gain popularity amongst a wider audience, and there’s no better way to do that than social media, a tried and tested pathway to fame.

Let’s now look at Straight Fire, a social media platform based on the blockchain.

StraightFire is working on the world’s first blockchain-based social media sharing platform in the form of a dApp (decentralized app). Built on Polygon, the dApp can scale for millions of users without any issues and has robust security. Its native token SFIRE can be used for all transactions on the platform.

Where does the sharing of NFTs come into play?

  • Since Straight Fire’s NFT Social dApp is built around the idea of sharing NFTs, just as you would share posts on Instagram or Twitter, it is intuitive to use and easy to master in a few minutes.
  • With Straight Fire’s NFT Social dApp, you can share your NFT stories, to all your social media channels. These NFT stories are in essence, the NFTs you own, with filters, AR lenses, music, and more possible additions.
  • The dApp even enables users to minted these NFT stories into brand new NFTs, thus expanding your collection and giving you the option to sell them on any NFT marketplace. In future releases, you can even use the explore feature and discover other people sharing their own NFT stories, and interact with the creators if you so wish.

SFIRE is StraightFire’s payment token and has several use cases such as staking, token sale and listing, and more.

Share to Earn

Through StraightFire, anyone who shares their NFT stories to their social media can earn. Top-sharers are rewarded every day, week, and month with SFIREs, NFTs, exclusive filters, and much more.

Unlock exclusive NFT Stories and NFT collections

SFIRE holders get exclusive access to free limited-edition filters, AR lenses, and music shorts to create unique NFT stories. They will also be eligible for whitelisting of NFT collections created by Straight Fire’s NFT Lab, global brands, and NFT creators whom StraightFire has partnered with.

Payment token

Limited-edition and branded filters, AR lenses, and music shorts can all be purchased with SFIRE. SFIRE can also be used to create new NFT stories and purchase NFTs on the marketplace.

Some of the features of Straight Fire you don’t want to miss:

  • Connect to all major digital wallets and view NFTs from 70+ blockchains
  • Library of filters, AR lenses, and music shorts to create your NFT Story; even NFT creators and brands can upload their own filters through the dApp dashboard
  • Lower gas fees for minting NFT stories
  • Sharing NFTs gives you the chance to earn rewards via the share-to-earn model, in the form of the SFIRE token, NFTs, or unique filters.
  • Through create-to earn model, where NFT stories can be minted as new NFTs, upon selling them, the profits are split between the trader, artist, musician, filter creator and the platform.

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