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Nov 28, 2021

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Straight Fire NFT Lab. (updated)

November 2021

What does Straight Fire NFT Lab do?

We help you tell NFT stories that entertain, inspire and provoke.

Straight Fire

Develop the NFT social dApp
Our NFT Lab designs and builds the Straight Fire NFT Social dApp. With a background in developing kick-ass social media and blockchain apps, our team of experienced frontend, backend and blockchain developers is working around the clock to build this missing piece of NFT infrastructure. Our visual designers are fully immersed in developing the most exciting NFT Stories to help our users market their NFT collections.

Develop new NFT categories
Our NFT Lab develops new NFT categories: filters, AR lenses, 3D scenes, skins, and music shorts. All these elements accumulate into our NFT stories, can be minted as NFTs, and sold on our in-dApp marketplace. We invite and support creators from all over the world to turn their own designs into these new NFT categories, sell on our marketplace and monetise on their creativity.

Develop the future of NFTs
Our NFT Lab operates at the forefront of NFT development. Through continuously exploring new NFTs, our team assures that the functionality of our NFT Social dApp supports the latest NFT categories and remains the first of its kind. The Lab works together with a large network of NFT creators, who all share the same goal: create the future of NFTs.

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