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Aug 28, 2021

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Straight Fire NFT Lab.

In our NFT Lab, we obtain and develop the most original IPs and licenses into never-before-seen NFT collections. Together with our network of creators, we produce our SFIRE Originals, the most sought-after and unique NFTs in the Metaverse. We develop new NFT categories and create interactive, immersive experiences and go beyond the boundaries of today’s NFTs.

We also help creators to develop, promote and sell their NFTs. As an NFT publisher, we advise creators on how to build NFT collections and series, provide access to our NFT community, offer marketing support, and get them featured in our NFT Player. And we don’t stop there. Together with selected creators, we further develop our NFT collections into new and original IPs.

The Straight Fire NFT Lab also serves as a R&D innovation hub for our NFT Player. Through the development of new, ground-breaking NFT collections, we constantly refine and expand the operability and functionality of the NFT Player.

For Straight Fire, it is a natural progression to create an innovation Lab, where we work with the best creatives, push the boundaries of NFTs, and jointly build an NFT 2.0 ecosystem, where NFTs can freely be created, owned, shared and enjoyed by everyone.

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