The Benefits of Social dApps for NFT Artists

4 min readApr 28, 2022

Introducing the First NFT Social dApp

The blockchain ecosystem has grown beyond what it was once envisioned as and is now seen as a world unto itself, full of future promise. Even Web3.0, the new decentralized version of the internet is built using blockchain technology as its backbone, and just like Web2.0, this new version of the internet will be popularized by the usage of social media. What MySpace and Facebook did for the early internet in the 2000s, social media dApps, and SocialFi smart contracts are going to do for the developing decentralized internet.

NFTs and the Metaverse are at the forefront of this paradigm shift happening on the internet, and the two of these go hand in hand. NFTs are being used as avatars, items, concert tickets, real estate, and much more on gamified metaverses, creating a self-sustaining economy by themselves. The people behind this huge growth of NFTs and the Metaverse are not just the blockchain developers, but the NFT artists creating the building blocks of the Metaverse for their users to enjoy.

Most NFT artists that make sales are either part of teams working on large collections, with the rare exception of solo artists such as Beeple making large sales via dedicated auctions. Since the primary value of an NFT is derived from its hype, small artists that are just starting often lose out on sales. Creativity and diversity are the lifeblood of the Metaverse, and giving smaller creators a chance to shine is one of the best ways to ensure a constant supply of fresh content for your users to enjoy.

To gain recognition in the crypto space, some of the few available options are to:

  • Create an active Twitter page,
  • Partner with more famous artists, or
  • Join one of the newest additions to the blockchain: social dApps.

Social dApps, such as Straight Fire, act as a tool for some lesser-known NFT artists to gain fame and exposure to a dedicated community of NFT traders, collectors, and other artists via the NFT and NFT story-sharing features available on the Straight Fire dApp.

Straight Fire is a Web3.0 social tool that is working on bridging the real world with the Metaverse through the power of NFTs. The team behind Straight Fire is working on the world’s first NFT Social dApp for creating, sharing, and discovering NFTs and NFT Stories with your friends and family, all on the blockchain.

With Straight Fire, you have access to a wide array of tools and features, such as

  • Talking about your newest NFT acquisitions on stories,
  • Going viral on the internet with memes and stories on NFTs,
  • Collecting and showing off your latest NFTs to your followers, and much more.

All of these are possible on the Straight Fire social dApp with the click of a few buttons, and thanks to their in-house NFT lab, you can share more than just an NFT, you can share your emotions with the help of customized filters.

Straight Fire keeps developing a veritable library of story filters, AR lenses, and short music clips that give the dApps’s users the freedom to create unique videos and share them while featuring their favorite NFTs. These short videos are known as NFT Stories, similar to reels on TikTok or Instagram, but built especially for sharing your NFTs with people around the world.

At Straight Fire, the Metaverse is thought of as a continuously evolving, decentralized, and creator-driven ecosystem, existing beyond physical or spacetime limitations, where humanity and technology exist in harmony, with the real interacting with the virtual in ways never imagined before.

Straight Fire NFT Social dApp is shaping a NFT2.0 era:
- Simply select the NFT you’d like to share;
- choose a filter or AR lens from our library;
- add your favourite music, personalise with text, and create your NFT Story;
- Then, share the video to all your social media channels;
- and earn SFIRE, NFTs and other perks.

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