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Over time everything evolves. Our planet, people, technology. From the Internet to 5G to AI.

And now a generation grows up in the Metaverse. A world where Cryptos, DeFi and NFTs awaken unlimited opportunities. A place where digital assets are the single biggest opportunity in our lifetime.

“It’s simultaneously a bubble and a game-changer, like the internet in 1999 or Bitcoin in 2017. In my opinion, existing NFT valuations are a bubble *and* total value of all NFTs will be 100x here in 5 years.”

— Ari Paul, CIO BlockTower Capital

We believe that the value of digital assets, like assets in the physical world, depends on scarcity, utility, provenance and the human emotional responses they evoke. Some of us will want to buy, collect and trade digital assets that increase in value over time, whereas others will simply want to own, use and enjoy them.

Straight Fire

Many of the current NFT buyers are not interested in the actual content of the NFT, but instead favour a potential increase in price. They do not seem to care that existing NFTs, like cryptos, are just stored and kept hidden as a private key in their digital wallet. After all, to these buyers NFTs and cryptos are interchangeable.

Some buyers, however, purchase NFT for its original content and like to collect and enjoy their digital assets. Unfortunately, neither digital wallets, nor marketplaces display NFTs in a way that shows the real potential and collective value. In fact, many digital wallets and marketplaces, like NFTs themselves, are blockchain restricted.

We are now experiencing an NFT market that is still growing, but NFT prices are volatile, new NFTs must be original and stand out from the crowd and most people question the utility of NFTs. NFTs need an upgrade, or we will never see the NFT market reach its full potential.

Straight Fire creates the first NFT player that adds both utility and provenance to existing and future NFTs. Irrespective of what blockchain your NFT was minted on, you can now view it in one, easy to use NFT Player. It even allows you to share NFTs on your favourite social media channels and list it for sale on your preferred marketplaces. After all, NFTs should not just be stored in your digital wallet. They should be shared and enjoyed by the world.

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StraightFire is the world’s first NFT Social dApp for creating and sharing NFT Stories on your socials.